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KLinPopup is a program like Linpopup, Linpopup2 (Gtk2+) or KPopup (heavily based on this) to receive and send Windows popup messages (Winpopup or "net send") with Unix/Linux.
It uses Samba to do this. You should be able to receive/send messages from/to OSs where Samba is running on (e.g. BSDs, Linux, OSX) and of course Windows 2000/XP. For Windows 95/ME you need an additional Winpopup program.

Also Kopete can handle winpopup messages (works in 0.12 again).
Kopete 0.12beta2 is out, packages for various distributions are here.


  • receive and send winpopup messages via samba ;-)
  • can start only docked
  • adjustable new message signaling (sound, tray, activate window, custom command)
  • adjustable timer for incoming messages
  • adjustable sender string for incoming messages
  • you can choose the sender name for new messages
  • sending one message to multiple hosts
  • can use inotify for message checking
  • autoreply
Well, that's all for now.

KLinPopup is released under the GNU GPL2.


BerliOS project homepage
To check out svn use
svn checkout svn://

Feel free to send feature requests or anything else (translations) to


Guru's RPM Site - SUSE RPMs (and repository too)

digital.death has created an ebuild and a help file
Maybe soon it will be in the portage tree.

26.03.06 - KLinPopup 0.3.4
-changed inotify mask
-updated translations
klinpopup-0.3.4-1.i586.rpm for SUSE 10.0
klinpopup-0.3.4-1.x86_64.rpm for SUSE 10.0
klinpopup-0.3.4-1.i586.rpm for SUSE 10.1
klinpopup-0.3.4-1.x86_64.rpm for SUSE 10.1
klinpopup_0.3.4-1_i386.deb for Debian unstable
klinpopup_0.3.4-1ubuntu0_i386.deb for Dapper

25.02.06 - KLinPopup 0.3.4rc1
-new autoreply feature

31.12.05 - KLinPopup 0.3.3
-updated translations
-cosmetic changes to configure dialog
-added italian translation (Thanks to Daniele Bortoluzzi)
-option for an external command for notification

26.11.05 - KLinPopup 0.3.2
Using inotify if available for message arrival detection.
Replaced showToolBar + friends with recommended members.

10.07.05 - KLinPopup 0.3.1
klinpopup-0.3.1.i586.rpm for SuSE 9.3
klinpopup-0.3.1.i586.rpm for SuSE 9.2
klinpopup_0.3.1-1_i386.deb for Debian Sarge (provided by Khuc Ngoc Vinh)

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